Winter EP

by Amy Marie

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Just some songs I wrote and then recorded with a $50 mic and a $5 app over the course of two days in a beachside cottage in Florida in the winter.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself. Warning: I've never done this before...Enjoy!


HIDDEN BONUS TRACK FOR FIRST 100 PEOPLE: There's a hidden bonus track that you can get with an exclusive code! Want the code? Just share the link to my EP via social media or email, send a screenshot of your sharing to whereverwriter [at], and I'll email you your special code! I have 100 to give out.

The bonus track is a song I wrote called "If I Had You." For a rough video performance of it, check it out here:


released December 22, 2014

I designed the album cover with the help of some fog brush effects from ElizavetBrushes (



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Amy Marie Florida

Not a musician.

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Track Name: Winter
Remember the cold on your skin
As we sat there talking
The restaurant was filled to capacity
But it felt like it was just you and me

Remember the gold dress I wore
To the party that Saturday evening
When you walked me back to my door
I was praying the night wouldn't end

Remember the sound of my voice
As I sang that song I wrote for you
By the light of the fireplace
That was warming our little living room

Remember the oath that you swore
As we sat there in your car
You said, "Let me love you" and "Just have faith"
I said "You don't know what love and faith are"

Remember the night that I cried
And you stayed by my side
Till 2 a.m. with my eyes so red
You said, "Baby, this is goodbye"

And I cried
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh

Wintertime will come and go
I always will remember though
The year we watched a foolish young love grow
It flashed across the firmament
Then crashed to earth so delicate
When springtime came
It melted with the snow

Oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Track Name: SFO
Well, honey, I better get going
I've gotta catch that plane
We're standing in San Francisco by the last departure gate

You drop my bags there on the curb
I learn in close and whisper,
"I'll see you this summer."
You say, "Summer couldn't get here fast enough."
And that was the last time we were us

If you had known it was the last time
Would you have tried to change my mind?
'Cause if I had known it was the last time
I never would have taken that flight

But it's just one of those things
You spend your whole life wondering
And it's just one of those neverending stories

Now what do I do with these letters I never got to send?
And what did you do with my sweater that I left at your apartment?
Did you ever move to LA like you always said you would?
How's your job and your friends, and are your parents doing good?

And if you had known it was the last time
Would you have tried to change my mind?
'Cause if I had known it was the last time
I never would have taken that flight

Repeat Chorus

But I remember everything
I remember every word
And I remember every kiss
I guess I got what I deserved
'Cause I remember telling you,
"I never wanna be your friend."
So I guess I got what I deserved
'Cause now this is how our story ends
And I remember everything

Well, honey, I better get going
I've gotta catch that plane
Track Name: Stay
Time always flies by when we don't have much of it
I can't believe this is over
You can't believe it's so sudden
Will I remember this town
Will I remember this place
And in ten years, will you remember how you held me this way

It's like you always told me when I said I was so restless
"You gotta make a decision. Take all your chances."
I'm doing it now
I'm leaving today
If you don't want me to go
There's just one thing you need to say

Stay, stay, stay
Stay, stay, stay
Ask me to stay, stay, stay
But I'll leave anyway

The scary thing is I don't know what will happen next
How will I know if it's right
Until I take the first few steps
I see my path
I don't know where it leads
But I will never arrive
If I don't have the strength to leave

It's like trying to move forward
While always looking back
Trying to walk down a road
With your feet in two paths
I know what's right
I know I can't stay
But even so, I still wish you would say

Repeat Chorus

All this time
All this time and you never tried to stop me
All this time
All this time, will it all be all for nothing
And somewhere down the road
Will you look back and see me as the girl you let walk away

So ask me to stay
Track Name: Summer
I met you on the 4th of July
It was a Saturday night
And I watched fireworks in your eyes
And they burned bright

And nothing was so easy as talking to you about life
And all the things that we had planned
Yeah we were dreaming together

But I known how this story goes
I've seen it happen before

Maybe one day I'll be just a memory
Of a face you knew long ago
And you'll be a song forever on my lips
Hum it along for all the world to know

We walked along the beach in the sand
We were hand in hand
And I was falling for you fast
I knew it wouldn't last

You promised you'd be back here someday
And I hoped and prayed that you meant every word you said
But I'm not holding my breath because

I know how these stories go
I've seen it happen before

Repeat Chorus

Summer's over
The leaves are on the ground
Our time is over
And you said, "See you around"
But I don't think that will happen now

Life can be so cruel sometimes
When you're saying goodbye
And you think you'll see each other again
Well that hasn't happened

We;ll always have that night on the beach
When our dreams were in reach
And we thought everything was right
If only for the night

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Bridge
There is a bridge on the north of town
Where angry water meets a thirsty ground
It's burning red with the secrets it holds in

And every year there's some fallen soul
Who gives their life up to the waters below
Wish I had been there just to tell you
"Don't lose hope"

It's a long way down
There is a Promised Land
It's all right now
Just take my hand

I will be your lighthouse now
I'm standing up here and I'm calling out
Please don't give in to the water under the bridge

And if your soul got swept to sea
I pray the current brings you back to me
And every day I wonder what all we can't see

It's a long way down
There is a Promised Land
It's all right now
Just take my hand

I still believe in a new tomorrow
I still have hope that you could borrow